Where tumbler (xfce’s thumbnalizer) keeps its files?

From time to time you can notice that there is an ongoing job on your disc. Well, this can be attributed to an app called tumbler (if you’re using xfce desktop environment). You can check which program is abusing your disc with an iotop command. If tumbler bothers you very much, first thing you should do is kill it:

killall tumbler


killall tumblerd

The second thing is to look into these folders:

In my case both were been using by tumbler. Delete all files in there.

Next thing you should probably do is moving tumbler’s locations into a temporary filesystem, meaning putting them into RAM memory. You can always uninstall/disable/break thumbler but this will also break showing thumbnails in Thunar file manager.

Instead, edit as root /etc/fstab, inserting there following lines (there ough to be no line break):

tmpfs /home/user/.thumbnails tmpfs nodev,nosuid,size=10m 0 0
tmpfs /home/user/.cache/thumbnails tmpfs nodev,nosuid,size=30m 0 0

This should make your disc quiet again.

You can also move the whole .cache directory to a tmpfs. Don’t forget to remove the files first.

After the changes being done, you can execute mount -a or reboot your system.

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